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Opus Drums

New And Used Drums

Opus Drums

New And Used Drums

Opus Drums, Hand built drums since 1997 by Owner/Builder Kenny Cross 


Opus Drums, Hand built drums since 1997 by Owner/Builder Kenny Cross 

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Leon Alexander


A few pix from Leon Alexander from the pit


 "Getting in the Theater  Groove Thing in the pit for the Broadway Show "Curtains". Using my Opus Drums made by the craftsman  Kenny Cross. They are perfect for this show Kenny". Thank you for making such superb drums.. 


Thank you Leon for sharing these pix and kind words!


Rick Jebavy on stage with "Little Doors"


Warren Weiss kicking big bands around Hampton Roads


Russell Scarborough with "RST" hitting the hot spots for Jazz in Hampton Roads

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Opus Drums

Virginia Beach, Virginia

(757) 553-4737

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Opus Drums  established in Virginia Beach, Virginia in 1997 by musicians Kenny Cross & Darrel Johnson and is currently owned and operated by original owner Kenny Cross. Opus strives to offer quality new & used musical instruments and are currently sold at Russell's Music World 504 Washington Park Norfolk, VA 23517 (ph) (757) 622-5568 and also at MOES Music 2923 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23453 (ph) 757-431-8888 OR you may contact me for direct sales: (ph) 757-553-4737

Steve Shelhamer


Opus Artist & Contributor

Rick Jebavy


Opus Artist & Contributor


Leon Alexander JR - Opus Drums Artist

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Tama Techstar Kick pad


Tama techstar electronic kit

5-Piece Electronic Drum Kit
1 Kick Pad w/legs

tama techstar sound modual/mixer


Full Kit-Kick pad w/legs, snare pad, (3) tom pads, (1)double tom floor stand,

(1) tom arm & clamp, Sound module/mixer & cables

total kit cost $300

Kick Out Of You

Eddie Sal & Skylark show case with Vocalist Eddie Sal, Skip Hankcock Keyboards, Mark Skipper Keyboards, Keith Maenly Bass & Kenny Cross on OPUS Drums

Leon Alexander JR

The incredible Leon Alexander JR  with Saxaphonist Carlos Johnson tearing it up!

Nate Davilmar/Left Foot Clave

Here is Nate demonstrating Rudimental drumming, Latin rhythms including Left Foot Clave, and 4 limb independence as applied to the drum kit

Russell Scarborough & Henry M. Johnson

Check out Russell and Henry at Russell's Music World. Russell laying down some outstanding brush work with Henry tearing it up on  guitar

Education Page



02 April 2019

So here we go! Came across this short clip of Sheila E. Playing & Explaining the concept of Funk Drumming.  Love this clip.  Click on the link below and give this lesson in Funk drumming a listen! Use the Contacts portion on this page to let us know what you think! More Vids & Materials to come.!! Groove On!!!